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We Love Leith

Here are a few photographs of our adventures in and around Leith. From historical buildings and clues to the past, inspirational local businesses, social enterprises and charities, street art, art studios and a few book recommendations, there are so many hidden gems that don't make it to "Top 10 Things to do in Leith" or Guidebooks. This is Leith by Leithers.


Click on each image if you want to find out what and where it is. There are a lot of knowledgeable descriptions online if you know what to search for.

If we have got something wrong or you would like us to add something, let us know!


We have used what3words to help locate where everything is. You can also find any named places on our Google Maps list: Leith Comedy Festival's Guide to Leith.

All photos © Leith Comedy Festival. Please credit us if you share our pictures, or ask us about getting high resolution versions.

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