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Bright mural on the gable end on North Junction Street, depicting Leith's connection to the sea
  • Writer's pictureRosalind Romer

Cogs are Turning

So live comedy is banned, venues are shut, but...

At the moment we're working on a new webpage about all the fascinating things we have found on our adventures in Leith. We've put loads of them on Instagram already and the plan is to fill it out a bit with more with history, and the exact location of each. Watch this space, as they say, and please do let us know if we've got something wrong! I love that people chipped in on our comedy tour, my favourite being someone that was adamant there were never go go dancers at The Central Bar. Not only did the bartender personally show me where they put a board over the booth at the back to create a stage, I have met someone who danced there. Apparently it was the ultimate place to dance.

There will be some other pages being added to the website too, with a little more background about Leith Comedy Festival and Punchline.

We're also making the website more accessible, and working our way through it slowly. I found a company that will do a full audit for $8-10,000. So that's not happening. It might be a slow process but we'll keep working on it. If you have any suggestions, about accessibility or anything else, we'd love to hear from you.

As ever, we are keeping the conversations going and planning as much as we can under these near-impossible circumstances.

We're desperate to bring you some laughs soon.

Keep on truckin'.


If you do happen to have any spare cash, you can donate to two venues we are going to be working with as soon as we can:

1. Leith Theatre have launched a crowdfunding campaign to reinstall much needed radiators to their beautiful hall, and you can donate here:

2. The Biscuit Factory are also crowdfunding to support the venue itself plus the 20 businesses that are based there, and you can donate here:



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