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Bright mural on the gable end on North Junction Street, depicting Leith's connection to the sea
  • Writer's pictureRosalind Romer

The Festival That Never Was...

a large crowded theatre, lit up in blue, pink and yellow, as seen from the stage. People are seated in the balcony and standing on ground level.
Leith Theatre, photo by Gaelle Beri

This weekend we raised a glass to the Leith Comedy Festival that never was. It has been a strange and difficult time for everyone but while it was sad to mark what didn't happen this year, we're feeling upbeat and looking to the future.

We have already had great fun with online Beer Yoga with Projekt 42, and we were blown away by the response to our comedy walking tour of Leith with Invisible Cities, and went from selling out one tour in two hours to selling out twelve! Obviously we would have rather brought you our fantastic festival as planned with loads of events packed into a fun weekend, but there is something to be said for spreading out the events, and doing some earlier than planned. Think of them as a taster for next year's year's events. Plus we never would have got a rave review from the one and only Kate Copstick from The Scotsman in August, a badge of honour for anyone who works in comedy! You can read the full review here.

Behind the scenes we are continuing our conversations with inspiring Leith companies and charities, and coming up with all sorts of ideas for events, both public and private. We are investigating online events, outdoor events, and socially distanced indoors events as soon as we're allowed! We'll introduce you to some of our partners soon.

The magnificent Leith Theatre, pictured above, will be closed until the spring, but when it opens... it's going to be uhMAZing. Please support them. Hopefully we'll be able to put on shows before that elsewhere (everything crossed) and we'll let you know as soon as we can.

Can't wait to share some laughs with you soon!



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