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The Shore Leith Edinburgh Scotland


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Leith Comedy Festival in the News

Comedian Larry Dean
There are certain times when what you need is a good laugh, a big belly rumbling cackle with not a care who hears it. And luckily for me I have tickets for a comedy night at The Biscuit Factory. It is produced by Leith Comedy Festival so there’s quite a bit of expertise behind the event”

Fiona Duff, Edinburgh Evening News, May 2022

Comedian Jojo Sutherland
Leith Comedy Festival returns to The Biscuit Factory. Jojo Sutherland says: “Genuinely can’t wait to perform as part of Leith Comedy Festival, it’s such a unique part of the city with laughter and humour in its veins!”

Phyllis Stephen, Edinburgh Reporter, March 2022

Mary Moriarty and tourguide Paul Stewart, outside the infamous Port o' Leith pub
The audience were delighted to find themselves in the company of one of the very lassies they were about to hear about, when Mary Moriarty, Queen of Leith, joined the tour”

Liam Rudden, Evening News, August 2021

Comedian Amy Matthews
Leith Comedy Festival set to stage their first live indoor show. Due to lockdown it’s taken Leith Comedy Festival longer than they’d hoped, but then they do say that he, she or they who laughs last, laughs longest”

Liam Rudden, Evening News, September 2021

Edinburgh Fringe Lassies of Leith 5 Star Review
Paul’s knowledge and eye for often scandalous detail is something to behold. He simply has a natural charm and gift for comedy” ★★★★★

Juliet Lawrence Wilson, Edinburgh Reporter, August 2021

Evening News Lassies of Leith Article
A newspaper article with images of tourguide Paul Stewart, Mary de Guise and Mary Moriarty
Lassies of Leith will see Paul​ ​return ​with another entertaining wander through the Capital’s port, this time regaling his audiences with tales of ​the many ​notable ​women of Leith”

Liam Rudden, Evening News,
July 2021

Tourguide Paul Stewart
Whether you are from Leith, up the hill in Edinburgh, or even over the Border, you will get so much fun from these walks... This is hugely entertaining, packed full of fascinating facts and gloriously unique

Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, August 2020

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