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Bright mural on the gable end on North Junction Street, depicting Leith's connection to the sea
  • Writer's pictureRosalind Romer

Invisible Cities wins Lonely Planet Award!

For anyone who managed to get their hands on a ticket to our Funshine on Leith tour in the summer, it's not hard to see why our collaborators Invisible Cities have won an award for the Lonely Planet Best In Travel Awards 2021.

You can read all about the awards, Invisible Cities and the brilliantly hilarious tour guide Paul Stewart in today's article in The Herald here.

Huge Congratulations to Paul and all the guides, and to Invisible Cities founder Zakia Moulaoui Guery.

We even got a wee mention:

As for Mr Stewart he hopes he can take his new found career further. Earlier this year while coronavirus restrictions were more relaxed he was able to take groups of around a dozen on the Funshine on Leith tour, which was an initiative to promote Leith Comedy Festival. “I got great feedback on the tour and for some reason people tend to think I am funny. Maybe it is the way I deliver the tours. This has been a great opportunity for me and hopefully next year it can grow even further.

Here's to that.



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