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Bright mural on the gable end on North Junction Street, depicting Leith's connection to the sea
  • Writer's pictureRosalind Romer

Is that snow or blossom?

It might be snowing on the daffodils but that feels about right for the current mood!

Can we ask a favour? We want to change the name of our YouTube channel from (hardly rolls of the tongue, does it?) to something a bit more memorable, like LeithComedyFest. We need 100 subscribers to do that. And you'll be ready when we start making videos. Win win.

While we're on social media stats - we're nearly at 1000 followers on Instagram - thank you!

A couple of weeks ago we ran an online comedy workshop for The Citadel Youth Centre, where the amazing Thom Tuck from Comedy Club 4 Kids took us through the fundamentals of standup and performance. From too many pizzas arriving to what the older and younger generations don't know or understand about the other, everyone had loads of material and we learned how to bring it to life.

And it turns out one of the participants is already a comedy pro, and we'd like to recommend her brilliant podcast "Kids, What Are We Watching Tonight?" on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Yours aye,

Leith Comedy Festival



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